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Zapiski antybohatera
2010-04-23 | 18:41:43
autor: wedrowiec | skomentuj (5)
Bóg mieszka gdzieś w otchłaniach krwi. W rzetelnym, wielkodusznym wysiłku.
2014-11-03 | 11:54:33

I think this was a very interesting post thanks for writing it!

2014-11-01 | 20:49:27

Lerman, it is a great post thanks for writing it!

2014-10-31 | 14:45:38

I dont see the logic in your argument but I think you've painted your strokes

2013-10-25 | 11:26:16
autor: Antra

Adler:Unlike you, I have not made this a personal cause, where I have all the <a href="">reenferces</a> lined up. However, over the years, I have seen and read enough material concerning such matters as violence, war, WW II, the Japanese military, first-person accounts other than the testimony of the surviving comfort women, and have come to believe that the two competing narratives (I know that you don't like that word, but it's a very convenient term) that drive the debate from the two extremes are false (the denialists) and exaggerated (the absolutists). Now I believe that the form and substance of the K?no Statement and the subsequent Prime Minister letters were intended as a compromise that would help bring a measure of finality to the issue. A Cabinet decision would be perfectly fine with me, but I, like most other Japanese other than those at the two extremes who have any interest in this issue, would demand a careful examination of the facts in case the our government revisits the issue in different form. My point is that the experience of the resolutions (or whatever they were) only make prospects of such an occasion much less what you consider reconciliation even more remote than before. On the other hand, if your objective had been to give the long-suffering women a measure of satisfaction on a matter for which closure already seemed unlikely, then you have achieved your objective. That is reminiscent of the Japanese government's policies toward North Korea over the abductees, where resolution does not appear to be a realistic objective absent regime change.It is no secret that Mr. Abe would like to do away with the K?no Statement; it is also clear that Prime Minister Abe's tentative attempts to parse the Statement turned out to be a political disaster and were quickly abandoned. I do not see a Prime Minister As? (or a Prime Minister Sh?ichi Nakagawa for that matter) touching that third rail either.As for your claim that the comfort women were usually killed, I hadn't heard that before. If I'm not an exception there, you'll have to point to some primary sources if you want people who visit this blog to consider it.Finally, on a point of fact, I thank you for pointing out that the articles refer to motions, not resolutions. However, it appears that all of us, including the Dutch and Canadian media, leave something to be desired in accuracy and fact-checking where parliamentary rules are concerned. According to , a resolution is one of the possible results of a motion, whereas a motion is a procedure. The articles give no indication as to what the consequences of the Dutch and Canadian parliaments were, resolutions or conclusions of lesser import.

2013-10-24 | 04:50:58
autor: Yoshiko

Hi Yuri,for some reason your conmemt went into my spam folder, but I have now restored it.I have a lot of projects on the go at the moment, and this one has had to take a back seat for a while, but you may have spurred me back into action!I've used the Harvard catalogue links from time to time you're right, it's very useful.Re you email: I've used the Tsarskoe selo online library, but their download restrictions are slightly problematic. The site I only came across a few weeks ago and haven't got round to looking at their journal holdings, so thanks for the reminder.At a glance it seems these are the same scans from Google books, with the same problem up to 1869, at least the copies that are missing from the NYPL collection haven't been scanned. But it's very useful for me post-1869, which Google seem to treat as a cut-off point for access for UK users, for copyright reasons I've been requesting they do something about this as these are obviously out of copyright, but so far to no avail.When I've got my current work load out of the way and can get back to this project, I'd really like to discuss it further with you.Sarah

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